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Alternative Search Engines, Social Platforms, Depositories, etc.

TOR Project
Indispensible tool in fight for your privacy online.

Start Page
An alternative search engine that doesn't record your IP or your searches. Also allows you to use their proxy to view pages.
An alternative to the major search engines (a.k.a. datamining operations) that lets you search anonymously.

Alternative search engine respecting your privacy. Uses proprietary, alternative algorythms.

Petey Vid
Search Videos from 70+ Platforms.

One of the biggest alternatives to Youtube. The way Youtube should be - without political censorship and PC culture.

Video sharing platform created by Mike Adams, the "Health Ranger". Brighteon's focus is on health, science and politics, but also has its share of a light-hearted content.
One of the fastest-growing alternatives to Facebook - except that it respects your privacy and doesn't shut down accounts and groups because some snowflake doesn't like them. (has an app)

GAB Social
A political/social agnostic approach alternative to Twitter. (has an app)


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A Fond Farewell to "Dr Stan"

polski icon 2014.09.29

Dr Stanley Monteith passes away today in the morning at age 85

Dear Friend of Liberty and Justice

Dr Stanley Monteith; 1929-2014If there is a great educator to remember in the truth movement, the anti NWO movement - call it what you will - then "Dr Stan" qualifies 101%!

His decades of tireless work, countless interviews with prominent people from every field imaginable, talks, speeches, books, conferences, newsletters and videos have reached people all over the world. He was certainly a big part of my own awakening process.

Dr Stan, you have earned our respect, memory and a big salute! Your sacrifices and your faithful work will live on. It will continue educating and waking up generations to come.




Creative Forms of Fighting the Authoritarian and Elitist System

Freedom Bots

english icon 2014.02
Vimeo / Freedom Bots: Operation V for Victory

Worldwide solidarity of people expressing their oposition to tyranny and oppresion.

This is just one little example of the growing culture of healthy activism and countering the poisons of the establishment-controlled media. The counter-culture movement is becoming very prolific and creative in coming up with many forms of "detoxing" human minds every day. They work in the areas that they are comfortable with; by means of the internet, micro broadcasting, local print media, as well as creating a thought-provoking art, flyers, posters, alternative documentaries, music, local events geared to inform fellow humans about the spider web woven around them by the governments, corporations, controlled media and the so-called education system.

Don't make a mistake when you hear terms like "counter-culture". This article does not refer to the controlled "counter-culture" created by think tanks devising ways of mind-controlling the general population and promoted by the MTV and Hollywood movies or the earlier versions; the hippie/music/drugs culture created by the CIA.

Some other examples of the real counter-culture attempting to wake the planet up from the poison-induced slumber are contests organized every couple of years, or so, by the team. You can Startpage the title "Political Earth" - a satire cartoon depicting us as various animals. Check out the band "Thievery Corporation". New alternative real TV and webcasting channels are being created. Most notably, as of late, Ron Paul's and Jessie Ventura's programs and many, many more.

We don't know how long we will be able to enjoy the internet, print and air broadcasting in a form that will allow us to have outlets of free and common sense information, news, blogging, etc. Research what you can, find out about how you can stay healthy out of the reach of the big pharma for example, archive crucial information as it may disappear tomorrow - if you simply bookmark it! To use a quote from the movie Pump Up The Volume: Keep the air alive!