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Alternative Search Engines, Depositories, Proxies, etc.

An alternative to Youtube/Google Video that doesn't bann you for thinking incorrectly. The much-needed and long-awaited platform launched on July 4 2018.

Start Page
An alternative search engine that doesn't record your IP or your searches. Also allows you to use their proxy to view pages.

TOR Project
Help protect your privacy online for free.
An alternative to the major search engines (a.k.a. datamining operations) that lets you search anonymously.

Meta Cafe
One of the alternatives to YouTube (well-known for politically-motivated censorship).

Another alternative to YouTube, video sharing website.


Texts appearing on the Home page in English are archived on this page. Moneybomb 2015

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28 Hour Money Bomb Drive

Expanding the fight for freedom

2015 Infowars Money Bomb
This is certainly a refreshing piece of news in the current deluge of bad news we are being bombarded with from all directions. Most of you will be reading it when the drive is over. But the bottom line is that, hopefully, the Infowars team will achieve its goal of rising 1 million dollars, allowing them to expand their operation and - in their own words - reach 400 million people. The money will be used to get on major networks and pay for all the required fees, equipment and services related to this kind of move.

We need more independent media to provide balance and keep the mainline media accountable, calling them on their lies, brainwashing and misinformation!



I'M PRO GOAT! A Rallying Cry For Freedom

polski icon 2015.06

Agenda 21 at its finest

One family in California fight for their rights

I'm Pro Goat
Why would this story be so important, you ask? While we are possibly on a brink of a nuclear war, financial and societal collapse, Fukushima becoming bigger threat than ever, and on and on and on. This is simply symptomatic of a top-down agenda being pushed on all local "authorities" to end any normal human activities.

Our land and housing is heavily regulated; to the point that we can hardly have anything of our own. We are told that our well water isn't ours, we cannot have an off-grid solar power, vegetable gardens by our houses are the enemy of the state, etc. While all those insane policies and regulations may be only selectively enforced in different areas, they are an encroachment against self-sufficient living and our natural right to decide for ourselves how we want to live. 

In this case, the young military family is told they cannot have two miniature goats on their property. The goats provide fresh, natural milk for their child as the mother cannot produce her own milk due to a medical condition.

Visit I'M PRO GOAT website and read more about their situation