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Ron Paul Experiment
Well & Alive! Want to help this cause? Search his name often on major search engines...

Ron Paul Channel on YouTubeRon Paul Channel
on YouTube.

Alternative Search Engines, Depositories, Proxies, etc.

An alternative to Youtube/Google Video that doesn't bann you for thinking incorrectly. The much-needed and long-awaited platform launched on July 4 2018.

Start Page
An alternative search engine that doesn't record your IP or your searches. Also allows you to use their proxy to view pages.

TOR Project
Help protect your privacy online for free.
An alternative to the major search engines (a.k.a. datamining operations) that lets you search anonymously.

Meta Cafe
One of the alternatives to YouTube (well-known for politically-motivated censorship).

Another alternative to YouTube, video sharing website.

Buzzwords & Trends

Have you ever heard these phrases? Here is a compilation of terms and phrases that may be of interest to you. You may have heard these phrases before, but didn't realize their real meaning and implications.
The content here will be updated as time permits. There will be also definitions and links provided in the future for the terms contained in this little lexicon.

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